Frequently Asked Questions

Making an Appointment

For all tattoos we prefer to set up an in studio consultation to go over your ideas. During a consultation we will discuss the following information:
  • Style of tattooing and if you are interested in color or blackwork

  • Placement of the tattoo, and if you have other tattoos in the area that we will be working with

  • Sizing or area to be tattooed

  • Pricing and any budget restrictions.

  • Availability to begin the tattoo.

If everything sounds good and you wish to set up a tattoo appointment then we take a $50-$200 deposit that holds your appointment time (each artist varies on accepted forms of payment, please ask them if you have any questions about payment).

Contact us at or call the studio at (773)666.5456 to schedule your tattoo consultation!

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Visiting Evoke Tattoos 

We are a private tattoo studio in Ukranian Village. Look on our social media sites Instagram and Facebook for more updates! Instagram @evoketattoos

We operate by appointments, but feel free to email the studio at and if we have any availability we try to accommodate on short notice if our schedules allow. 

Thanks for your understanding! We look forward to working with you!

Tattoo Aftercare

Please consult the tattoo artist that you worked with for aftercare specifications and any questions regarding your tattoo. Here listed are general aftercare guidelines.
  • Only touch your tattoo during the healing process to clean it or apply lotion. Always wash your hands before and after touching a fresh tattoo to avoid contaminating the wound. Wash the tattoo once or twice a day until healed.

  • Avoid sun tanning, pools, lakes, hot tubs, and contact with unclean surfaces while the tattoo is healing. Shaving and sunscreen should be avoided until after the tattoo has 'shed' and is no longer an open wound.

  • Tattoos can take from 1-4 weeks to heal to the point of no longer being an open wound. This is the most important time be be attentive with aftercare for your fresh tattoo.

  • Lotions and aftercare ointments are to be used as needed, and only help keep the skin moisturized during the healing. Medicated products such as neosporin, A & D ointment, and aloe vera are not necessary to heal a tattoo. Apply just enough product to cover the area and be absorbed by the skin.

  • Avoid bumping, scrapping, scratching, or picking at the tattoo--especially if the tattoo is 'shedding' dry skin.

  • It is normal for a tattoo to appear 'waxy' in appearance and to feel itchy after skin had 'shed'. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to go away and is a normal part of skin's healing process.

  • Please share your healed tattoos with us. We love seeing our work relaxed and fully healed! Photos or stopping in to visit at the studio is always welcome!